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You Are A Jehovah Witness? James Carlin

You Are A Jehovah Witness?

Published April 18th 2012
Kindle Edition
27 pages
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 About the Book 

This book is written for three primary reasons:1. To bring honor and glory to The God of Glory - JESUS CHRIST2. To provide an immediate guide for Christians who desire to equip themselves in their soul-winning efforts and daily Bible study activities. Questions of false teachings are raised. Scriptures follow which deal with such errors.3. In a spirit of love, this volume is designed to aid dear people, who have had difficulty in their understanding of The Way of Salvation. It can be a mission opportunity, for pastors and churches, who desire to obtain a supply of these books, for visitation programs or to offer as a gift, to those who come to your door.This small volume states 7 false doctrines which have misguided so many. Readers are given immediate answers from The Holy Bible which show clearly the errors and dangers of such teachings.