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Quinn & Ava, Part 2 Taryn Taylor

Quinn & Ava, Part 2

Published September 5th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The SapphiConnection exists to bring like-minded women together for fun and relaxation. Find your hot date for the night and fulfill all your mutual whims: nothing is forbidden, no attractions laughable, and most of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed.Quinn & Ava, Part 2 (7,000 Words)Living in Sins ratings are in the internet sewer. The production crew is at a loss for what they should do to spice things up when company plant Ava suggests a confessional. Turns out thats a great idea - not only do the ratings go up, but Ava discovers a new hideout for her and lover Quinn. Things really explode when they reunite for the first time in nearly a week - is cynical Ava falling in love? Its a good thing she knows everything there is to know about the show!This work depicts graphic lesbian relations and naughty, naughty words. Not intended for minors or those who get miffed at a lack of men.